yoga modifications for knee injury
“With any injury, you have to be smart about keeping yourself safe. Make modifications to the postures shown below so that beneficial responses result from performing them. 1. “However, it is critical to listen to your body, whether you are practicing at home or with an experienced teacher. Michelle Marchildon. This does not mean you’ll never do the pose again. I would like to receive weekly fitness articles and inspiration from Aaptiv Magazine. Having said that, here are my suggestions for 10 easy modifications you can try in your yoga practice, as you need them. All yoga requires that you are extraordinarily mindful as you practice. Arthritis is what took me down. Hirst says this won’t lead to any harm or danger. And that means anyone dealing with an injury can modify it to fit their needs. “There are floor sequences that will keep your knees safe, and, of course, arm balances and inversions give you plenty of yoga with no risk to your knees,” shares yoga instructor Shana Meyerson. Bend your knees in Downward-Facing Dog and any forward fold. Whether a tiny twinge from overexercising or a serious injury, such as a torn ligament, troublesome knees can derail your workout plan. If you are practicing at a studio with an instructor, inform your instructor about your injury, past or present. Pick stuff up and put it down—the right way. Check out these expert tips for modifying yoga with a knee injury, so you can make it onto your mat without discomfort or pain. “With a medial meniscal tear or medial collateral ligamentous injury, Virasana, Trianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana and seated twists with knee(s) bent are out of the question,” he warns. Hold your right knee with your right hand and begin to make circles with the hip, in both directions. According to Meyerson, there are two core elements to knee safety during yoga, particularly for those with an injury of any sort. Simple yoga modifications for common injuries. Whether you’re a beginner that’s new to yoga, dealing with an injury, or even pregnant, there are certain yoga poses that can do more harm than good when not done properly. Modifications are like the secret language of yoga that make poses accessible to everyone regardless of their ability. This information also impacts the verbal cues and potential assists your teacher provides for class,” she adds. Pay attention. Lie on your back, both legs extended. “If it’s an anterior cruciate ligament injury, then standing poses such as Warrior I and II must be avoided, but Boat pose and Headstand would be fine.”. If you’re looking for specific yoga modifications, look no further than Aaptiv. One of the best parts of yoga is the fact that it can be customized to any person. But, in general, the safest poses are those that don’t involve the knees, or those with little weight-bearing or pressure on the knees. This means a bend you can feel, but others may not necessarily see,” says Meyerson. A quick fix is to place a block under the sitting bones to lift the buttocks away from the heels. Bring the yoga strap to the ball of your foot, pull down on the strap, and stretch from the back of your knee up towards the heel. “Use slower transitions to prevent re-injury or inflammation. Aaptiv delivers the highest quality fitness and health information from personal trainers and industry experts. Experts weigh in on various modifications you can make to support injuries big and small. Aaptiv has yoga, meditation and stretching classes you can take and more. The extreme degree of flexion in Child’s Pose can wreck havoc on some students’ knees. Yoga After Knee Replacement. These modified low impact poses help you exercise without further damaging the knee. If a posture feels intuitively wrong, get out. The Unexpected Gifts of Grace and Gratitude. Students often come to me with health and injury concerns and ask about yoga modifications they can make in their practice. It’s always okay for the knee to bend short of the ankle—just not past it,” she instructs.


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